How to Bake Salmon Steaks

There are many different varieties in fishes and they are all having different taste and good for health. They are all rich in both vitamins and minerals and hence liked by most of the people in the world. They are the food from seas and other water levels. Hence they are called as sea food stuffs. There are many different species in them and they are generally called as spices. You can prepare many dishes out of them using their fleshy parts.

Salmon is one of the most wanted varieties of fish and it is very special for some cases. It is loved by many people due its taste and once you prepare them effectively, then you can get a great taste from them. The steaks of salmon are very good for health and they also look good and nice. The taste of it is completely different from any other fishes due to its nature. They are having the specialty that they can live both in marine water and in fresh water.

Sometime you can see them in sea and you can also see them in fresh water levels. They can also move from marine water to fresh water to safeguard them from their prey. During the reproduction season also, they will migrate in order to protect their young ones from their enemies. Since large fishes can readily eat the small fishes. Mostly, these fishes are not available in all parts of the world and they are rare. Hence they are more expensive when compared to some other fishes.

You can prepare their steaks in a tastier way by making use of the following tips. Get the fresh salmon form the fish market and they will be available as a whole in the market. You can also ask them to remove the scales and tails covered them and you can get the steaks of it from them. If you know to clean their outer area, then you can buy them as a whole. Then bring it to home and take a kitchen knife and remove the unwanted scales which are covering them.

Then remove their eyes and tails so that the salmon is now ready to cook. Then clean them with hot water so that the dirt over their outer space gets removed completely. Then cut them into many pieces so that it would cook nicely. Then cover their entire body with the help of mixture of chilly powder and salt. Cover them completely and then start the oven by setting 400 degrees in it. Place all the steaks into it and wait until the steaks boil completely. Then add them with garlic and any other spices to add taste to them.

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