How to Bake Mahi Mahi

There are many different species in the fish kind and you can get them from the water bodies available nearby your home or town. The word mahi comes from the Hawaiian language which means the word strong. The words mahi mahi indicates to a different variety of fish which is very strong of their kind. Mahi Mahi denotes the fish named dolphin which is very strong when compared to other fishes. They are of different colors. Blue, gold and green are the general colors of dolphins and you can see them in the mixture of these colors.

They are living in sub tropical and warm tropical areas and they always survive in water. They are strong due to their heavy weight and they ranges from about 2 to fifty pounds normally. They are more expensive and you can’t get them in all parts of the world. You can get the fresh mahi mahi in the form of both steaks and fillets which are actually firm and dark. They are having huge weight and hence you can’t carry any of its part as a whole.

Hence the meat shops used to cut them into pieces and sell in many shops. They are not available in many water bodies. They are present nowadays only in European countries due to their climatic conditions. Even there is water bodies in many countries, there are no occurrence of mahi mahi due to unfavorable weather conditions. Dolphins are grown in many farms and they are used for showing many live programs. In many countries, many people depend on dolphins for their business.

They used to practice them with many interesting events and they are very friendly with human and they love the human beings very much. When you cook them by baking, they will give you a great taste. They are also sweet, opaque and flaky meat stuffs. You can prepare them in many ways and baking helps in keeping its health, flavor and texture benefits. First get the fresh meat of dolphins from the shop and then clean them with water.

Normally, in the meat shop itself the skins of dolphins are removed. If they are not removed properly, you can remove them completely and then add some tasty stuff like pepper and salt over them. Mix them well so that the entire dolphin gets covered by this mixture. Then place the dolphins by covering them with the aluminum foil and keep it inside the oven. The oven temperature should be set as 350 degrees. It would take almost 25 minutes for their complete baking. Once they boiled fully, you can take them out of the oven. Add some sauce for extra taste and fry it in the pan using oil. Now your mahi mahi is ready.

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