How to Bake a Yam

Mostly, in the entire America, people used to call sweet potatoes as yams even they are completely different species. The method of preparation of yams follows the same way as sweet potatoes. Yams are generally love by everyone in those countries due to the availability of iron, fiber, potassium, beta carotene and also vitamins like C and A. You can prepare them in many different ways like mashing; baking and even you can use your microwave oven for preparing them.

Most of the vegetables are not grown in countries like America and they also can’t export them from foreign countries in a huge quantity. Hence most of the people living there lacks in the varieties of yellow vegetables and its nutrition. In order to improve their nutrition level of their body, the only way for them is to eat yams. You can see the yams in their daily meals due to this reason. Yams are almost grown in many parts of the world like Asia, South America, Africa and Central America. You can also see them in European countries nowadays.

They need a warm climate for their growth and hence they are growing widely in the parts of South Pacific, Southern Asia and Africa.

You can prepare a variety of dishes from the available yam, but baking them is the direct way to cook them efficiently for your meal. First get the good and fresh yams from the market and wash them completely and you can use vegetable brush for cleaning them. While cooking them, they need some outlet to let their inner steam. Otherwise, they will easily get exploded within the oven. Hence there is a need to prick them with the help of a sharp fork or knife in your home, in case you do not have a good knife, check this japanese steak knives.

Switch on your oven and set its temperature as 375 F and allow them to cook for about 40 minutes. Once they boiled in the oven, you can take them out. Now you can see the wrinkle appearance on the outer surfaces of yams. Take some healthy spread or butter or cinnamon and add them into the yams once they are sliced into two halves. This process is for adding taste to the yams. It is also healthier to eat them in this manner.

Sometimes, you can also use some honey to spread over the sliced yams and it is better when compared to this method. They add more taste to the yams and are healthier when compared to them. Most of the people living in those countries love to have yams daily. Hence eating them in an ordinary way is somewhat boring for them. They can try these methods and make their meal tastier with the newly cooked yams.

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