How to Avoid Getting Drunk

Living somewhere with a busy nightlife or even just going on a night-out with your buddies, can bring you closer to the temptation of over-drinking. Taking in a little amount of alcohol is acceptable but drinking too much can be disastrous, and therefore getting drunk is something you should always try to avoid. The last thing you want to do is get drunk while going out, then get involved in an accident on the way back home. You would then need to hire a DUI accident attorney, a scenario you could have easily avoided. An experienced dui lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected in case you get arrested drunk driving. And if you are a victim of a vehicular accident, then you must consider hiring a vehicle accident lawyer to help you protect your rights. That doesn’t mean you should just stay home and never socialize and have fun, however. There are many things you can do to enjoy a night out safely. Let’s discuss a few pointers that will show us how:


1) Get educated. If you know what alcohol slowly does to your body it might be less tempting to drink. How do we define alcoholism? How much booze is too much? Abbeycare help us here with a qualitative understanding of the definition of an alcoholic.


2) Eat before going out. If you have a meal inside your stomach that will slow down your body’s alcohol absorption. Also, continue to fill your stomach and eat as you drink. If you want to stay away from drunk driving, DUI defense lawyer in Tampa is the best to consider.

3) Follow the one glass rule. Drink in a slow pace and take time to enjoy your drink instead of gulping it down. Once you’ve drank one glass completely stop drinking. If you are sure you can’t halt after one glass, probably you should not drink at all.

4) Know what drink to take. Do not select drinks that contain artificial sweetener or those that may consist some carbonated mixers. In place of that select drinks that are served or contain ice. It would be best to order only one kind of drink. You can also try quietly asking the server to put very little alcohol when preparing your drinks. You can also order a non-alcoholic drink instead.

5) Do not use a straw, sip your drink slowly. Because it’s very easy to drink from a straw there’s a greater chance for you to consume a lot of alcohol without noticing it.


6) Find a distraction. If you absolutely want to drink, then find a distraction which might be helpful for you to keep you from taking in too much alcohol. Go do a few dance moves or walk and mingle around and find someone to talk with, if you need help to stop this behavior, contact Pacific Ridge for help.


7) Have a support system. It would help to have with you a friend who does not drink or a relative or anyone who is willing and able to keep you from getting way too wasted. If ever you find yourself involved in a DUI case, DUI attorneys at can potentially lessen the negative consequences for you.


8) Try the rubber band trick. Just place rubber (band) on your wrist and flick yourself each instance you get the urge to drink.

9) Keep an hour interval between drinks. Allow enough time for your body to absorb the alcohol. Have your last drink ninety minutes prior to the end of your drinking session.


10) Try planning a ‘drink’ night. Every couple of months you can go out and have a good time with your close friends. One of you must stay sober and the others can drink all they want. The sober one has the responsibility of keeping an eye on everyone else so they don’t make a fool of themselves. The sober person is also the designated driver. Read more here on how drinking under the influence is bad news.



  • Keep in mind that you should drink for the taste. And if you feel thirsty then order water and use the water to relieve yourself of thirst.
  • You can go seek therapy if you are an over-active drinker.  It can do you well if you get professional advice. Patients who seek alcohol treatment and recovery at Honey Lake Clinic discover the spiritual, physical and psychological impacts from their dependency and begin to form a faith-based foundation for learning to live their lives without alcohol, through jesus christ.

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