How to Ask for a Promotion

Asking for a promotion is always tricky, as some would like to believe that a promotion will come once you deserve it and you are ready. In an imperfect world, however, the mere fact that you deserve that promotion or raise is not enough to earn it.

On the other hand, some executives will not readily give you that promotion even if they think you have worked hard to earn it. As such, the best advantage of asking a promotion is that you give your employer the impression that you yourself are convinced that your time has come. Initiative and drive, after all, are traits your boss is most probably looking for in employees.

As with any communication with your boss, however, be careful as this can easily turn against your favor if you come off as arrogant and even assuming.


Figure out the perfect timing

As it is often stressed, timing can be everything. Especially when it comes to tackling a possibly delicate matter like asking for a promotion, timing can make or break you. At the onset, it can determine whether or not your boss will even consider your request and hear you out.

The best time, of course, is right after you nail a project or once an evaluative assessment favorable to you is released. This can easily give you an acceptable and recent trigger to base your request, which your boss will immediately recognize. At the same time, this will give you the perfect opening argument since it is so recent and he is bound to appreciate it.

On the bigger scheme of things, timing should also be impeccable. There really is no specific tenure, which should be achieved before asking for that promotion as companies differ from one another when it comes to this kind of policy. It is perhaps best to ask around and be familiar with the general trend when it comes to these things. Then again, do not be tied to such tendencies. For all you know, you have done exceptionally well that you can be an exception to the trend. Employ caution, however, as this may translate to appearing haughty and arrogant.

Be ready for another interview

When approaching your superior for that promotion, treat it like another job interview. As such, do not go to the battle unarmed. At this point, it is important to seriously deliberate on yourself if you really deserve that promotion.

Once you finally decide that you have really earned it, prepare your credentials. Recount your achievements. Do not expect that your boss will readily give you what you want and get ready to fight for it. Anticipate the need to do some convincing just like in a job interview.

Be prepared for a “no”

After doing so, it is not wise to expect anything. Be prepared for whatever result. If it is given to you, be prepared to commit to the job. If it doesn’t, thank your employer for the opportunity and at the same time appreciate the fact that are now within your boss’ radar and he knows your accomplishments.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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