How to Arrange a Domicile for a Pet Corn Snake

It is wise to set up your corn snake habitat before you buy your corn snake. Baby corn snakes are quite small and, if raised together, will happily co-habitat until adulthood. You might want to consider two. Especially when small, they spend all their time together. Corn snakes make an excellent choice as a pet snake. Pet corn snakes are generally docile, relatively easy to care for, and do not get too large. They are excellent escape artists, however, so care must be taken when planning their housing.

  • Corn snakes do make a good choice for beginners since they are easy to handle and care for. However, they are also favourites with experienced keepers due to the vast array of beautiful colours and patterns selective breeding has produced.

  • Buy the right sized tank at the beginning. A 30 gallon aquarium 30″ long, 13″ tall and about 13″ deep, is just right. Special reptile vivariums, or aquariums, are not set up for fish. They must have a firmly locking top. A mesh screen top that slides in and locks with pins is ideal. Corn snakes are escape artists!
  • Fill the bottom of the vivarium with about 2 inches of a “substrate” or bedding that is comfortable for the snake and easy to clean. Some owners opt for shredded paper, some use folded newspaper, and some go to the pet store and ask questions about many more types of bedding. Reptile Bark is a popular choice.
  • Provide a “hide” or corn snake retreat. This will make it feel secure and give it a place to sleep. A terra cotta flower pot works very well. Other owners prefer artificial foliage. A corn snake is largely nocturnal, so you may have to wake it up during the day to play with it. This is not a problem. Corn snakes love to play
  • Place a stick on head pad underneath the glass of the vivarium. If placed inside the tank, it may get too hot. At least one end of the habitat needs to be warm at all times, approximately 75-80 degrees. A stick on thermometer on the side of the tank will help you maintain the proper temperature.
  • Provide a shallow water dish and do not let it run dry. Corn snakes drink a lot of water, especially after they have eaten. Clean the dish frequently to prevent mould. Keep it away from the heat source. Spilled water can crack hot glass.

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