How to Aim a Slingshot

The slingshot must have been the primitive weapon invented for the purpose of hunting small animals and birds. The slingshot is made of wood, leather and elastic rubber. It has become a perfect arm for aiming at tiny targets. Present day slingshot is used as hobby. It is mostly used for improving aiming. The slingshot users are advised to have protection for their eyes and to avoid a crowd or any people as target.

Before learning how to aim using a sling shot we must clearly know the part of it. A slingshot consists of wood cut which is finished in the shape of Y. The top end of the wood cut is tied with thin strip of any kind of stretchable material. Usually the elastic tape or rubber or leather is used for this purpose. The projectiles used for slingshot are usually small rocks or rounded pellets or stones. The rounded pellets can be found in any hunting or gun supplies store.

The next step is learning how to hold and use the slingshot. In case you are right handed then you have to hold the Y portion’s bottom with your left hand and then use the index, thumb and middle fingers of the right hand to hold the elastic thing and direct the projectile as you release it.

After learning how to hold the slingshot you have to learn about placing the projectile in the elastic thing. The projectile of any material as suggested earlier in this article must be placed on the inner side of the elastic thing used. The projectile must be placed at the center of the elastic thing approximately. In most of the slingshots the center part where the projectile is place is little broad then the other parts. This is because of the fact that the projectile can be easily held in its place. After placing the projectile in the center position you have to hold it tight with the help the thumb, middle and index fingers of your hand.

The final step is aiming the slingshot and shooting. You have to hold the Y part’s bottom portion in the slingshot with your hand 90 degrees to the ground. After this you have to place the projectile in the elastic and hold it tight with your dominant hand. Once you have chosen your target aim your slingshot toward the target and then loosen the fingers which are holding the projectile in the elastic. This will lead to the projectile to fly towards the target. With regular practice we can hit the target with great accuracy.

The use of slingshot by a child has to done under adult’s supervision. The slingshot isn’t a toy. It’s a weapon use of which may harm somebody for real bad. Hence while using such weapons the user has to be under great care and caution.

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