How to Edit BoxTrapper Black/White/Ignore List in Cpanel

Boxtrapper keeps your email account away from junk mails by requiring all the people that send email to reply to the verification message. This is an effective way to eliminate spam mails. Only a real human sender can reply to the verification message. If the message is an autoresponder and sent by a robot, it will not reply to the verification message. This is a great way to approve emails. Spammer will never be able to send virus and junk mails into your mail boxes. Boxtrapper is more effective compare with other type of spam filters that reply on the subject, body, sender, email address and etc to identify a spam.

To edit BoxTrapper white list, follow the instructions below:


  • On the homepage of your Cpanel account, click BoxTrapper under Mail.

Cpanel Account

  • Search for the email account in which you to configure BoxTrapper and click Manage.

Configure BoxTrapper

  • Click Edit White/Black/Ignore Lists.

WhiteBlack Ign

  • Click Edit White List

Edit White List

  • Enter the list of content that you want to be allowed into your inbox with a confirmation message. You should enter one entry per line. For example, would be rick\@domain\.com and all addresses at would be .+\@domain\.com

Boxtrapper White List

  • When you are done, click Save to save the changes you have made.


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